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Which Airport is Closest to New York City?

Several airports serve New York City. That makes it easy for anyone who wants to visit – either for pleasure or business – to have better options when it comes to airfare. However, this can also make it a challenge to plan your sightseeing as you have more than a few airports to choose. So, the question here is “ Which airport is closest to New York City? ” Closest Airport to NYC – LaGuardia Airport (LGA) The airport nearest New York City is LaGuardia Airport (LGA). It is approximately 8.2 miles or 13.3 kilometers from the city, a good distance away so you can come to the city as soon as possible. LaGuardia Airport is in Northern Queens, 30 - 90 minutes way from Times Square depending on traffic. To the northeast, it is around 2.6 kilometers or 1.6 miles from Jackson Heights. To the southwest, it is 2.5 kilometers or 1.6 miles from College Point.  While it is smaller than Kennedy Airport, it’s a domestic airport it serves over 25 million passengers every year. LaGuardia Air
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Flying with kids is fun especially if you bring the whole family along, but such bonding moments should not be spoiled when tantrums come along. Instead of pure relaxation in your travel, you could be heading for some headaches. Remember that your children do not associate economy airlines with baggage restrictions and commuting for business. They are simply excited to fly high up in the sky. It’s time to play pilot or plainly be dramatic and creative by entertaining children on long haul flights. Helpful Tips First and foremost, you should understand the regulations and charges for each airline for they differ from one another. Some are free while others charge. Try pointing to them what they could see from above –from small houses, the greeneries, the sea, the clouds and the setting sun. This can help as you alleviate boredom.Don’t feel desperate, for possibilities are endless considering some toddler long haul flight tips. Place a pull-up underneath their u

Kid Moto to launch new website in New York Soon

Welcome to this blog of Kid Moto LLC. We are soon launching our new website. At the website you can know more about our services dedicate mainly to provide safe transportation for kids in New York. Is it traveling to hospital, airport, school etc? We are here to serve you, we have all the safety standards and our drivers are trained to install the kids car seats. Please visit our website   by thins month end to know more about our services.